Chops Express Trumpet eBook

Chops Express is a book of seven daily routines for trumpet players of seven different skill levels. Each of the routines takes fifteen minutes or less to complete once you know them.


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Chops Express

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

Chops Express is a book of seven daily routines for trumpet players of seven different skill levels, from absolute beginner to virtuoso.

Because we have several different routine books, a lot of people ask us which book is right for them. Simply put, the Chops Express book is for trumpet players who practice less than an hour per day. Once you begin practicing more than an hour per day, you can use the other books.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up. Maybe you practice three or four hours per day normally, but sometimes you only have a half hour to practice. On those days you can practice the Chops Express, even though you are doing something else on the other days

The Physical  to Trumpet Pyramid

All of our daily routine books are based on the Physical Trumpet Pyramid structure. The pyramid structure gives us the ability to do on trumpet what Paganini used to say about his own daily practice. He has been quoted as saying, “Each day I begin my technique anew”. The pyramid structure outlines a sequence of exercises that, when we play them in that order, our minds and our chops grow in the most natural manner.

The Physical Trumpet Pyramid exercises are in this order:

  • Air Exercises
  • Lip Buzz
  • Mouthpiece Placement
  • Mouthpiece Buzz
  • Long Tones
  • Tonalization Studies
  • Lip Slurs
  • Pedal Tones
  • Articulation
  • Intervals
  • Double Tongue
  • Triple Tongue

Doing these exercises in this order, whether you get them from our books or other books, help you achieve your most natural and efficient embouchure.

Chops Express has these exercises in this order. The difference between this book and the other routine books is that this routine takes less than fifteen minutes to complete. And that’s true for all seven levels.

One Range Book

As mentioned earlier, we have several routine books and they can all be used together as part of the One Range approach to chop building. This is why we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing the One Range book. It is a strategy guide for chop building. The One Range book is also available on this website.

Click HERE to read more about the One Range book. 

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