Daily Routines for Trumpet

Daily Routines is a trumpet routine book with seven graduated routines for trumpet players of all levels.



Daily Routines for Trumpet

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

Do you need to improve your range, endurance, flexibility or sound?   Daily Routines is a proven approach which has helped thousands of trumpet players grow in strength without having to resort to annoying high note methods.

Daily Routines is NOT a high note method.  Yet, most of its users have greater range than people who call themselves “screamers”. The difference is that Daily Routines does not work on range separately from other aspects of trumpet playing.  Range is a by-product of strength, and strength comes from very specific daily practice habits.

With the Daily Routines book, you can play higher with greater endurance AND produce a quality sound.  The systematic design of the routines makes the progress automatic.  There is no need to stress over physical mechanics.  The book is designed so that playing the exercises in the correct order automatically leads to proper physical technique. Progress is natural and intuitive, and is a result of the musician submerging him/herself in that musical environment.

Daily Routines is broken into seven “Groups” of exercises, seven separate routines for seven different levels.  “Group One” is easy enough for first year beginners while “Group Seven” gives most professional musicians a run for their money. When you have the strength to play one “Group”, you are ready to move on to the next group.  Each routine is based on a hierarchical structure called “The Physical Trumpet Pyramid” and includes lip buzz, mouthpiece buzz, long tones, lip slurs, articulation studies and special scale patterns called “tonalization studies“.

Daily Routines presents an extremely simple system to follow, and readily accommodates players of all skill levels. You don’t even have to understand WHY or HOW it works*. Just practicing the exercises in the correct order will yield the progress you desire. For more information about the Daily Routines book and how to use it, feel free to visit Eddie Lewis’ blog by clicking on the following button:

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Here’s a video about the Daily Routines for Trumpet book.

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