Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies

Scale pattern exercises for students with a range up to fourth space E. The Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies include eight scale patterns for each of seven keys.



Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

The Tonalization Studies in this new book are for students at the Trumpet Tyro level. This is the second level of our seven level system. We consider the tyro level to be sort of a second beginner level. The Trumpet Pioneer is the first beginner – we call these “absolute beginners”. Then the second level is the Trumpet Tyro level.

These are student who have a range up to fourth space E. The Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies are meant to expand the students’ technique in the scales from one flat and one sharp to three flats and three sharps. To that end, each of the keys in this book begin with a set of expansion studies. The expansion studies are meant as an introduction to the key. They are to be practiced before the student begins doing the Tonalization exercises.

Tyro Tonalization Benefits

One of the important aspects of my teaching style is that I believe that what is good for advanced trumpet students is also beneficial for the beginners. However, the beginners are not ready yet to use the same exercises as the advanced trumpet players. That’s why I write these books. The Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies give the beginner students access to the exact same types of exercises as what my most advanced students are using.

I’ve been teaching this way for a very long time. My youngest students make amazing progress because they have access to these materials. In the case of the Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies, my beginner trumpet students are learning their scales with the same proficiency as my advanced students. They just learn fewer keys than the more advanced students.

Here’s a video that talks about the Tonalization Studies:

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