20 Trumpet Pioneer Duets

20 Trumpet Pioneer Duets is a collection of very easy beginner trumpet duets composed for students that have only been playing trumpet for a few months.

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20 Trumpet Pioneer Duets

by Eddie Lewis

20 Trumpet Pioneer Duets is a book of twenty duets composed specifically for beginner students who have only been playing trumpet for a few months.

Twenty Trumpet Pioneer Duets is mostly an excerpt from our Celebrations book. There are some new duets in the book, which is always fun, but most of the duets are taken from Celebrations (which is a book we published about twenty years ago and is relatively popular).

We had the idea to sell all of the Pioneer level duets separately as it’s own book because the beginners won’t be needing the rest of the Celebrations duets for a few years. It’s nice to offer them something that doesn’t require them to purchase duets they don’t need right now.

How Easy are These VERY Easy Trumpet Duets?

Eddie Lewis’ skill level chart has detailed limits applied across almost thirty different skills. For example, the range on these duets never goes higher than third space C (or C#). No exceptions!

The Trumpet Pioneer level also limits rhythms to quarter-notes, half-notes and whole-notes (and dotted halves). There are not eighth-notes in these duets.

The duets are also relatively short and are limited to key signatures of one flat or one sharp.

These are very easy trumpet duets!


Because this book is for beginners, I added a section in the book explaining how and why to practice trumpet duets.

I also added instructions and manuscript paper for the students to write their own duets. I include this in the book because I was very young when I began composing trumpet duets. I wanted to encourage the students who work from this book to flex their creativity muscles and write their own.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Church Service (General), School Concert, Talent Show, Trumpet Lessons, Wedding Ceremony

Number of Pages

39 Pages


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