The Purple Parrot Beginner Trumpet Solo with Piano

The Purple Parrot is one of three beginner trumpet solos from our Bird Solo Series. This is a very easy trumpet solo that student should be able to perform as early as three months into their trumpet careers.



The Purple Parrot

Beginner Trumpet Solo Sheet Music with Piano
by Eddie Lewis

The Purple Parrot is one of three beginner level trumpet solos (with piano) that I wrote so absolute beginner trumpet students would have a legitimate performance vehicle. These are solos that trumpet students using my system can perform, in public, within just a few months after they begin learning how to play trumpet.

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I believe it’s important for trumpet students to begin performing as early as possible. This solo received its first public performance within weeks after it was composed. My fourth grade student played it at her school’s assembly.

That was years ago. I don’t know if she still plays the trumpet, but I do know that she had that one, very positive experience to look back on for the rest of her life.

Making Music – Not Playing Notes

Positive experiences is not the only reason I wrote these three beginner trumpet solos. The primary reason is because playing music has an effect on the students’ trumpet playing that can never be accomplished with exercises.

This is why I teach the 50% rule. I believe that at least 50% of your practice time each day should be spent on musical literature, not exercises. I teach this rule because time spent on music has a profound effect on our trumpet playing.

And this is just as true for beginners as it is for all other trumpet students.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style



1 to 2 minutes

Key Signature

F Concert

Skill Level

1 Trumpet Pioneer

Time Signature



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