Amazing Grace Flugelhorn Solo

This arrangement of Amazing Grace trumpet solo is perfect for small churches or recitals. Amazing Grace is one of the world’s favorite trumpet songs.



Amazing Grace Flugelhorn Solo

What started off as a simple improvisation at church, when asked to replicated the performance at later services, became a touching arrangement of this time honored gospel standard. Eddie Lewis first improvised this arrangement at his own church, Christian Temple AOG, two years before he ever put the arrangement down in writing. Since then, he has performed the same basic improvisation many times at different churches locally and internationally. The arrangement features three major sections. The first is a rubato rendering of the basic melody. The second section is the variation, in 9/8 time signature, leaning towards a more bluesy sound. Then the arrangement ends with an almost Irish sounding restatement of the melody but continuing with the 9/8 feel established in the variation.

This Amazing Grace trumpet solo arrangement is unaccompanied. There is no piano or chord chart to go with it.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Christmas, Church – Communion, Church – Prelude, Church Service (General), Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Wedding Ceremony

Composition Style



3 to 5 minutes

Key Signature

F Concert, G Concert

Skill Level

4 Trumpet Apprentice

Time Signature

3/4, 9/8


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