Moving in Miracles Trumpet Sextet

Moving in Miracles is a trumpet quartet that builds in layers, starting with a very simple statement of a motif and growing in intensity to a glorious climax.



Moving in Miracles

Trumpet Sextet Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Moving in Miracles is a trumpet sextet I composed to serve as the “sound track” for my wife’s promo video for one of her books. She wrote a Christian adult coloring book with healing scriptures that she calls “Healing Patterns – A Coloring Book for Adults”.

The promo shows one of the pages from the book being colored. The page begins with no colors and adds them one section at a time. This lasts for the entire length of the song, until the last section is colored in. You can see the promo video by clicking on the following button:

To capture the scene of the colors slowly filling the page, Moving in Miracles starts with a very bare (bare like the coloring page) motif spread far apart from its clones. This simple, two note motif remains throughout the composition, to the very end. It is like the black lines in the coloring book and we are gradually “filling it in” with our musical colors.

Moving in Miracles as a Stand Alone Composition

When you hear this composition out of context from the coloring book, it tells a different story. It’s like the little creek, high up in the mountains. As it progresses down the mountain it turns into a brook, then a stream, then a raging river.

My compositions don’t normally follow this type of form. As a general rule, I like to start the pieces off with a bold statement. This is actually for more practical reason than for musical ones. But this composition, Moving in Miracles, breaks that convention. Moving in miracles not only sneaks in with an almost apologetic, insignificant two note statement, but it only gradually builds to something more interesting.

But THAT’S what MAKES it interesting!

It’s the gradual, multi tiered building of layers that gives this piece its identity.

Skill Level

Moving in Miracles is an intermediate level composition. In our seven skill level system, we put it at the fourth level, the trumpet apprentice level. The highest note is B flat above the staff. In general, the piece is not very difficult to play well.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Communion, Church – Prelude, Easter, Palm Sunday

Composition Style



3 to 5 minutes

Key Signature

E Flat Concert

Skill Level

4 Trumpet Apprentice

Time Signature



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