Major Scale Expansion Studies

Completely master all twelve keys with major scale expansion studies for trumpet.




Major Scale Expansion Studies

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

This is a set of trumpet scale expansion exercises meant to introduce the students to the keys in a highly efficient manner. Students who have used this method have very little trumpet thinking in the different keys. Learning new versions of the major scales is never a problem for them.

We use this book in our lessons as an introduction to the different keys. These are not daily drills. They are introductory exercises that, when completed correctly, never need to be revisited.

Also, the book is not done sequentially. What I mean is that we don’t move from one key in the book to the next. When the student finishes a new key in the Major Scale Expansion Studies, they follow that with practicing the same key in the Tonalization Studies. In that sense, you can think of the Major Scale Expansion Studies as an introduction to the Tonalization Studies. But instead of doing the entire Expansion Studies book first, and then doing the Tonalization Studies, we do one key at a time in both books.

If this is not clear, please feel free to ask questions. You can use the Major Scale Expansion Studies separately, without the Tonalization Studies. But if you are using both, then you should rotate through the keys in both books at the same time.

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Number of Pages

37 Pages

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All Skill Levels


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