Trumpet Chops Tyro

A trumpet routine for beginner trumpets with a range up to fourth space E. Trumpet Chops Tyro is the second book in the seven book series titled, Trumpet Chops. These easy trumpet exercises help beginners establish good daily practice habits.

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Trumpet Chops Tyro

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

Trumpet Chops Tyro is the second book in the Trumpet Chops series. It is written for students with a range up to fourth space E. We consider this a book for beginners, but not absolute beginners. The Trumpet Tyro students can play simple eighth-note rhythms and can play in up to three sharps and three flats. These are easy trumpet exercises meant to help the beginner students establish good daily practice habits.

Most routines don’t work for less advanced students due to their range limitations. We make it a point to get all of our students doing daily routines from the beginning of their development. The Trumpet Chops Tyro book takes the successful routines of the Physical Trumpet Pyramid and simplifies it enough that the beginners can use it and enjoy the benefits.

Easy Trumpet Exercises

By simplifying the exercises of this standard daily trumpet routine, giving the students easy trumpet exercises to play on a daily basis, the students are now encouraged to use the same approach that works so well for the pros. Daily trumpet practice, when you are doing the right exercises in the proper order, leads to greater strength and overall musical improvement.

That’s what the Trumpet Chops Tyro book is all about. These exercises are sort of like training wheels for beginner practicers. By making the exercises easier and shorter, the students tend to not become discouraged.

It is a mistake to think that every exercise a student does has to be “hard” for them if they expect to benefit from those exercise. A daily routine does not need to be challenging. In fact, it’s better to say that your daily trumpet routine should NOT be challenging. The benefit does not come from conquering any challenges. The benefit of doing a daily routine comes from just doing it.

We practice easy trumpet exercises because they improve our familiarity with the instrument.

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