Trumpet Chops Player

Book three in the Trumpet Chops series, Trumpet Chops Player is a daily routine for trumpet students with a range up to G above the staff.



Trumpet Chops Player

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

Trumpet Chops Player is a complete daily trumpet routine designed specifically for trumpet players with a range up to G above the staff. The routine is based on Eddie Lewis’ Physical Trumpet Pyramid structure.

Many trumpet players struggle with chop problems. It’s demoralizing when you know you are a great trumpet player, but your limitations in endurance and range exclude you from crucial opportunities.

The question is, how do you develop range and endurance without putting all your eggs in the high note basket? Most great trumpet players with limited chops deplore the idea of practicing high note methods! They want to be able to grow their range and endurance in a way that will not sacrifice their current strengths.

There are dozens of practice routines available to the modern trumpet player with new ones being added at a dizzying rate. Some of us already know what works for our specific needs while others seem to be swimming aimlessly through a sea of exercises and confusing information. Amid so many options, the Trumpet Chops series stands out as being not only physically but also musically beneficial. Trumpet Chops Player is for trumpet players with a range up to the G above the staff .


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