Total Tonalization – Trumpet Player Major Tonalization Scale Studies

Trumpet scale exercises up to G above the staff

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Trumpet Scales

Eddie Lewis wrote this trumpet scale book for his students in 2006 for a friendly competition between his trumpet students. He called it the Total Tonalization Contest. The student who finished all 240 scale exercises first was to receive one month of trumpet lessons free. The contest was a hit and inspired all of his students to practice their scales. Since then, we have made the scale exercises available to the public in book form.

These trumpet scale exercises are unique from typical, traditional scale exercises, which only test the students’ memory and knowledge of the scales. Spending time practicing the Tonalization Studies goes far beyond learning scales. These exercises encourage students to begin thinking in each of the keys in much the same way as someone might think in a language when they master that language.

The benefits of practicing the Tonalization Studies include better sight reading, better improvisation, better intonation, more functional and practical range, better tone and better endurance. Here is a video that talks more about the Tonalization Studies, how to practice them and why they are so important. [\embed]

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54 Pages

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3 Trumpet Player


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