Trumpet Pro Tonalization Scales

Trumpet Pro tonalization Studies has trumpet scale exercises up to C above the staff.


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Trumpet Pro Tonalization Studies

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

240 comprehensive trumpet scale exercises in all twelve major keys. These exercises were specifically designed for trumpet players with a functional range up to C above the staff. This book is one from a system of trumpet scale books based on the Tonalization Study concept.

Tonalization Benefits

Tonalization Studies are a new way of practicing scales which offer far greater benefits than just learning the traditional “Do Re Mi” styled scales. Traditional scales are nothing more than an outline of the key. In contrast, Tonalization Studies develop the musician’s ability to think in all twelve keys. Because of this new approach, Tonalization Studies help the trumpet student with: Range Intonation Tone Finger Technique Endurance Sight Reading Improvisation For a more conclusive explanation of the benefits of practicing the Tonalization Studies, feel free to read Eddie Lewis’ blog post titled: What Are Tonalization Studies?

For more information about Tonalization Studies, feel free to watch the following video: [\embed]

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80 Pages

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5 Trumpet Pro


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