One Range: Trumpet Range pdf eBook

One Range is a trumpet range pdf strategy guide that teaches you how to increase trumpet range without doing annoying range building exercises.

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One Range: Trumpet Range

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

One Range, from the pedal tones to the notes above the dreaded double C. One Range is a trumpet range pdf eBook strategy guide for trumpet players to help them grow their strengths in a way that maintains all of their current abilities.

One Range is not an exercise book. There are no high note exercises on these pages. There are no exercises at all. The book is 100% text. Instead of gaining a better range through pounding your chops with high note drills, One Range helps you build your range in a more natural manner. You can even use the exercises you are already practicing with slight modifications.

The strategies described in this trumpet range building ebook have been working for Eddie Lewis’ students for decades. The techniques have been proven over and over again for decades. If you are interested in learning more about lessons with Mr. Lewis, please click HERE to go to his other website.

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