A Maestro Moment Beginner Trumpet Quartet

A Maestro Moment is our easiest beginner trumpet quartet. It is actually our easiest composition of all the trumpet ensembles published on this site.



A Maestro Moment

Beginner Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

As of today (6/29/20), A Maestro Moment is our easiest beginner trumpet quartet. The highest note in the first part is second line G. All of the other parts are beneath the first part in range. The fourth part is almost all low G’s beneath the staff.

The composition is only sixteen measures long, for endurance sake.

The rhythms are limited in complexity to quarter-notes. There are no eighth-notes or sixteenths.

Beginner Trumpet Student Series

We have a number of beginner trumpet ensembles. We use a very strict set of limitations for setting the skill levels on these pieces. They are consistent in skill level across all aspects of the music with no difficulties “popping out” uncharacteristically.

This is one of the pieces for which we have a play-along video. You can go to our You Play First Chair page at EddieLewis.com by clicking the following button:

A Maestro Moment – Video Sample Recording

Additional information

Appropriate For

Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style

Beginner Trumpet Sheet Music


1 Minute or Less

Key Signature

B Flat Concert

Skill Level

0 Trumpet Hopeful, 1 Trumpet Pioneer

Time Signature



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