This Is the Day Trumpet Quartet

This Is the Day is Eddie Lewis’ own musical contribution to Psalm 118.24. The trumpet quartet composition is technically a classical piece, but it has a great deal of salsa influence.



This Is the Day

Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

This Is the Day started off as a few notes I scribbled on the back of a church bulletin. I have played about half a dozen different songs based on this scripture (Psalm 118.24). Three of those were less famous versions by colleagues of mine. I was in a church service, performing one of these less famous songs when the melody for my version popped into my head.

I tried for years to get people to play my version and no one would even consider it. So I turned it into a quasi classical composition with salsa influences.

Very Popular – Comparatively

One day I received an email from someone who does This Is the Day with his student group in the UK. He wanted to tell me that it was performed for royalty. I forget which famous building they performed it in or what the occasion was, but that was very cool to hear.

I wont say that this is our most popular trumpet piece. In terms of sales it’s not. However, out of all the small trumpet ensemble works I’ve composed, This Is the Day gets the most enthusiastic responses. It has wonderful classical elements that make it a respectable work. But the salsa rhythms gives it a kick that really endears people to the music.

Difficulty Level

The skill level for This Is the Day is advanced. In our seven level system, This Is the Day is at the sixth level.

The highest note in the first part is only D above high C, but the part stays above the staff throughout much of the composition.

Play-Along Video

We also have a You Play First Chair FREE trumpet play-along video for this composition that you can access by clicking on the following button:



Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Prelude, Church Service (General), Competition, Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style

Counterpoint, Latin Tinge


3 to 5 minutes

Key Signature

A Flat Concert, C Concert, E Flat Concert

Skill Level

5 Trumpet Pro, 6 Trumpet Master

Time Signature

cut time


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