Legends of Fractonia Tumpet Octet

Legends of Fractonia is a trumpet octet inspired by a book by Eddie Lewis’ wife, Pearl, titled Fractonia.

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Legends of Fractonia

Trumpet Octet Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Legends of Fractonia is, with a clear margin, the most difficult trumpet ensemble I’ve ever written. No, the parts don’t look very difficult, but the way it all comes together is at a very high skill level.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t write this thinking I would sell the sheet music. I wrote it because I wanted to learn and record something creative, interesting and extremely difficult. That may sound strange, but it’s true. I wrote it for me.

What Makes Legends of Fractonia So Difficult?

The difficulty of Legends of Fractonia lies primarily in the rhythms. The time signature alternates between seven-eight and five-eight throughout the composition, with no exceptions. Above that metric feel is overlaid rhythmic interactions between the parts that demand a great deal of musical independence from each of the trumpet players.

Now, I do believe that the difficulty is greatly reduced with a good conductor. I typically don’t think conductors are necessary for trumpet ensemble performances, but hiring one for this piece is justified.

The Fractonia Story

Legends of Fractonia is inspired by a book authored by my wife, Pearl, titled Fractonia.

Fractonia is a sci-fi/fantasy book for children to help them better grasp the concept of fractions. The main character, Matthew, is transported to a world where creatures and characters represent mathematics. You can read more about Matthew and his adventure by clicking the following button:



Play-Along Video

We also have a You Play First Chair FREE trumpet play-along video for this composition that you can access by clicking on the following button:

Additional information

Appropriate For

Competition, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style

Counterpoint, Modern


5 to 10 Minutes

Key Signature

Atonal, B Flat Concert, F Concert, G Concert

Skill Level

5 Trumpet Pro, 6 Trumpet Master, 7 Trumpet Virtuoso

Time Signature

5/8, 7/8


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