Hogsback Haven Trumpet Quartet

Hogsback Haven is an South African inspired rhapsody for trumpet quartet composed from inspirations Eddie Lewis recorded when he visited Hogsback in 2016.



Hogsback Haven

Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF
Inspired by Hogsback South Africa
by Eddie Lewis

Hogsback Haven is scored for two trumpets and two flugelhorns. It was composed from inspirations I recorded when Pearl and I took her mom to Hogsback for a short get-away.

Hogsback Mountain South Africa
Hogsback Mountain in Eastern Cape, South Africa


For those who don’t know, Hogsback is the small town in the mountains where J.R.R. Tolkien spent much of his childhood. Tolkien said that his childhood in Hogsback was part of what inspired the imagery in his Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books.

When I travel, I record all of my musical inspirations on manuscript paper to be used in compositions at a later date. The inspirations for this rhapsody were written down while we were in Hogback, but I only wrote the piece about six months later. That’s how many of my compositions are written. It’s sort of like an artist taking a photo, then working with that, later, to create his painting.

Skill Level

While the individual parts in Hogsback Haven may not be very difficult, the ensemble work is. These are intricate rhythms that will need a lot of rehearsal time to make work. For that reason, we are putting the skill level for Hogsback Haven at the Trumpet Master level, which is the sixth of seven levels in our system.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Competition, Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style

African Influenced, Call and Response, Lament, Modern


5 to 10 Minutes

Key Signature

A Flat Concert, B Flat Concert, C Concert, D Flat Concert, E Flat Concert

Skill Level

6 Trumpet Master

Time Signature

12/8, 4/4, 6/8


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