Hosanna to the Son of David Trumpet Octet

Hosanna to the Son of David is an original trumpet octet fanfare composed for Palm Sunday.



Hosanna to the Son of David

Palm Sunday Trumpet Octet Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

On Palm Sunday, 2016, Pearl and I were at church and the praise and worship band was doing their weekly bit, the same praise and worship music they played every week. I said to my self while I was standing there, “this is not what Palm Sunday sounds like.”

In response, the Holy Spirit asked me, “What does Palm Sunday sound like to you?”

I stopped singing and immediately heard trumpets in my head. I quickly grabbed a church bulletin, scribbled a few makeshift staves, then wrote what I was hearing in my head.

When we got home, I hopped onto the computer and started writing this piece.

Hosanna to the Son of David actually began as a trumpet quartet, but it didn’t have the fullness I was hearing in my head. So I doubled the number of trumpets and really thickened the texture.

Skill Level

Using our skill level system, Hosanna to the Son of David is ranked at a Trumpet Pro level, which is the fifth of seven levels. This is the skill level that has high C was the highest note. And indeed, in Hosanna to the Son of David, high C is the highest note. But that’s not what makes the piece difficult. Every part in this piece has at least some moving sixteenth lines. The higher parts have more sixteenths. You’ll be able to see this in the following video.

Play-Along Video

We also have a You Play First Chair FREE trumpet play-along video for this composition that you can access by clicking on the following button:

Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Prelude, Mall Concert, Palm Sunday, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style

Fanfare, March


2 to 3 minutes

Key Signature

A Flat Concert, B Flat Concert

Skill Level

3 Trumpet Player, 4 Trumpet Apprentice, 5 Trumpet Pro

Time Signature



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