Home Church Congregation Easy Trumpet Trio

Home Church Congregation is an easy trumpet trio composed in that old fashioned church hymn style.



Home Church Congregation

Easy Trumpet Trio

by Eddie Lewis

Home Church Congregation is another piece from our easy trumpet music series. These are trumpet trios and trumpet quartets that conform to our Trumpet Tyro Skill Level. This is not a level for absolute beginners. In our system, we have two beginner levels. The first level, the Trumpet Pioneer level, is for absolute beginners. The second level is for students who have been playing for about six months or more.

One of the things I stress for these easy trumpet compositions is that they are not “dummied down” educational pieces. Yes, they do serve an educational purpose, but they are also legitimate compositions in their own right.

This reminds me of something I only learned later in my career. Music doesn’t need to be difficult for it to be good. I think that’s a big mistake people make in music. And it makes sense, almost. As musicians, we tend to value what is less accessible. We want to work hard so we have the skills to perform pieces that other people can’t play.

But the value of music as an art doesn’t really work that way.

I’m not trying to say that my easy music compositions are masterpieces or anything like that. I actually don’t believe in “tooting my own horn” that way. This is not so much about how good my compositions are as it is about the attitude I have towards writing easy music. I don’t see writing easy music as a waste of my time and effort. I treat each one of these compositions with the same exact dignity.

I hope that makes sense.

With that said, Home Church Congregation is one of those pieces that, to me, is a genuinely legitimate composition. It is one of many that I’ve written over the years.

Home Church Congregation Blog Post

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Home Church Congregation FREE Play-Along Video

We also have a free play-along video for Home Church Congregation in our You Play First Chair video series. You can get to that video by clicking on the following button:


Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Prelude, Church Service (General), Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style



1 to 2 minutes

Key Signature

B Flat Concert

Skill Level

2 Trumpet Tyro

Time Signature



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