Tyro Tykes Easy Trumpet Quartet

Tyro Tykes is an easy trumpet quartet in a delightful two-four march style. The main feature of Tyro Tykes is the harmony, which is more advanced than what we typically associate with beginner trumpet sheet music.



Tyro Tykes

Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Tyro Tykes is an easy trumpet quartet written for trumpet students of the Trumpet Tyro skill level. This is the second of seven skill levels. We still consider the Trumpet Tyro students to be beginners, but they are not “absolute beginners”. The Trumpet Tyro student has been playing trumpet for a few months to a year.

Tyro Tykes is on the more difficult side of the Trumpet Tyro skill level. Everything in the piece is doable for Trumpet Tyro students, but there is a lot of material here to practice (for this level of student).

I wrote a blog post about this piece that you can read by clicking the following button:


Additional information

Appropriate For

Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style

Call and Response


1 to 2 minutes

Key Signature

B Flat Concert

Skill Level

2 Trumpet Tyro

Time Signature



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