Trumpet Chops Pro Trumpet eBook

Trumpet Chops Pro is a warm-up routine for trumpet players with a range up to high C.


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Trumpet Chops Pro

Trumpet eBook
by Eddie Lewis

Trumpet Chops Pro is a professional level trumpet routine. It is all of your basic rudiments arranged in the most beneficial order, tweaked and perfected according to almost thirty years of trial and error.

Many trumpet players struggle with chop problems. It’s demoralizing when you know you are a great trumpet player, but your limitations in endurance and range exclude you from crucial opportunities. The question is, how do you develop range and endurance without putting all your eggs in the high note basket? Most great trumpet players with limited chops deplore the idea of practicing high note methods! They want to be able to grow their range and endurance in a way that will not sacrifice their current strengths. Even better, what about a practice routine that will give them a better range but also improve their other strengths as well?

There are dozens of practice routines available to the modern trumpet player with new ones being added at a dizzying rate. Some of us already know what works for our specific needs while others seem to be swimming aimlessly through a sea of exercises and confusing information.  Amid so many options, the Trumpet Chops series stands out as being not only physically but also musically beneficial. Yes, Trumpet Chops Pro will help you with your range and endurance. But Trumpet Chops Pro is so much more than a strength, range or endurance builder. We believe that all physical work should be done for musical reasons. This routine is designed to help you become a better musician, not a screamer. All the exercises work toward a musical objective, not by pushing you beyond your limitations (as some think you should), but by enhancing and expanding your abilities from within their musical foundations.

The concept is to grow your musicianship to meet your physical needs.  When you build your strength this way, the results are always stylistically relevant and musical. Most trumpet practice routines cannot make this claim. Ironically, when you read the instructions, you will see that the exercises in Trumpet Chops Pro should NOT be practiced musically. There should be no phrasing or style applied to most of the exercises because those things detract from the musical benefits of the book. These exercises should be executed mechanically, almost robotically. That’s when your phrasing, style, and the other musical attributes of your trumpet playing will benefit most. It seems unbelievable if you’ve never used Mr. Lewis’ books before, but you should see real results after just a few weeks of using the Trumpet Chops series. Trumpet Chops Pro is for trumpet players who have a range up to C above the staff. The complete Trumpet Chops series covers seven range and skill levels.

Trumpet Chops Pioneer is for beginners with a range up to tuning C. Trumpet Chops Virtuoso is for expert trumpeters with a range up to the G an octave above the staff. The series is used systematically to encourage strength through daily practice. Eddie Lewis has been a first call trumpet player in Houston, TX since the early 90’s and has been teaching private trumpet lessons since 1980. His books are used by thousands of trumpet players around the world. Eddie Lewis’ trumpet methods sell because they work. For more information, please visit his website at


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