Silent Night for Trumpet Trio

Here is a playful arrangement of Silent Night for trumpet trio which features a syncopated variation and some call and response.


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Silent Night

Trumpet Trio Sheet Music and PDF
Arr: Eddie Lewis

This is not your typical Silent Night for trumpet trio. It starts off normal enough, but already from the beginning there are hints of a more syncopated rhythm. In the second verse, the rhythms represent an entirely different “variation” from the original melody.

After the second verse, there is a call and response interlude before going into the third and last verse. In the last verse, each player gets to “take a solo” so to speak.

It’s a poppy little arrangement and ends with a really cool climax before restating the syncopated theme once again before the final notes.

Skill Level

The rhythms in this piece can be tricky. The syncopation happens over the bar line and makes it just a little difficult to “feel one”. The highest note in the first trumpet part is B flat above the staff. We are putting this piece at a advanced difficulty level (Trumpet Pro level in our system).


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