Noel Suite for Trumpet Trio

Noel Suite is a very pretty suite for trumpet trio.



Noel Suite

Trumpet Trio Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Noel Suite is a collection of trumpet trios with a Christmas theme. Here’s what Eddie Lewis has to say about the composition:

This suite for trumpet trio is a bit atypical of my composition style. That’s because the original idea for the piece was an idea seed planted by my wife. Pearl is not a musician, but she does enjoy sitting at the piano now and again, picking out note combinations that ‘resonate with her’…as she likes to put it. Almost invariably she gravitates towards the folky sounds of the pentatonic scale.

One day, while she was plinking around on the piano, she said to me, “you should write some music like this.”

So, I did!

At first it was only going to be one short piece, something for me to toy with using some of the sounds she was gravitating towards on the piano. However, the piece was soon done and I felt like I was just getting started. That’s when the idea grew into a suite.

Also, it wasn’t originally going to be a Christmas piece. When the first movement was done and it was time to come up with a title, I closed my eyes and all I could see was Christmas images. So, I went with that. And I’m glad I did.

Noel Suite is not an impressive work. It is not the best piece I ever wrote. It’s not challenging. It’s not ground-breaking or cutting edge. But that doesn’t deter from what it is…a composition that sounds calm, peaceful and beautiful. Even though all five movements utilize a pentatonic scale, each movement still sounds unique and tells a different part of the Christmas story. We pray you enjoy it. Thank you for giving it a try.

Sincerely, Eddie Lewis

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Additional information

Appropriate For

Christmas, Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style

Andante, Call and Response, Classical, Fanfare


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