Prince of Peace for Easy Trumpet Trio

Prince of Peace for easy trumpet trio is an original composition for trumpet students who have been playing trumpet for about a year. It was originally meant to be programmed on the same recital as our Easy Christian Suite.



Prince of Peace for Easy Trumpet Trio

by Eddie Lewis

Prince of Peace was originally composed to be programmed on the same performance as the original Easy Christian Suite. We ended up never performing it, but other groups have in the years since it was written.

The idea behind this composition was to give early students a chance to perform some interesting music without pushing their skills too far. If performed by earlier students, a bit of rehearsal time is necessary, but they will enjoy it and so will the audience.

Skill Level

The skill level for Prince of Peace is easy, specifically Trumpet Tyro if you are using our skill levels. The trumpet tyro is the second beginner level. These students will have been playing trumpet between six months and two years.

The key signature is B flat (A flat concert). The highest note in the first part is D in the staff.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Prelude, Church Service (General), Graduation, Mall Concert, Palm Sunday, Recital

Composition Style

Classical, Fanfare, March


1 to 2 minutes

Key Signature

A Flat Concert

Skill Level

2 Trumpet Tyro

Time Signature



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