O Sacred Head Now Wounded for Trumpet Duet

O Sacred Head Now Wounded is a trumpet duet arrangement of a Good Friday hymn.


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O Sacred Head Now Wounded

Trumpet Duet Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

This trumpet duet hymn arrangement utilizes dissonances to create a somber mood. It is a Good Friday hymn, meaning that the theme of the hymn is Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Good Friday church services capture the somber mood as a recognition of Jesus’ sacrifice. He gave his life, taking our sins so that we may live.

This arrangement was written on Good Friday in 2019. The idea was to stay as close to the original mood and harmonies as possible. Where possible, this duet arrangement preserves as many of Bach’s passing tones and suspensions as is appropriate for just two parts.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Communion, Church – Postlude, Church – Prelude, Church Service (General), Good Friday

Composition Style

Classical, Counterpoint, Hymn


3 to 5 minutes

Key Signature

B Flat Minor (Concert), G Minor (Concert)

Skill Level

3 Trumpet Player


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