The Gardener for Trumpet Quartet

The Gardener is an easy trumpet quartet that features trills and call and response sections.



The Gardener

Trumpet Quartet Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

The Gardner is an easy trumpet quartet composition. It was designed as an educational piece that sounds interesting to the audience while offering something enjoyable for the students to practice. Each student gets to shine with four measure solos in the third section of the piece. Also, there is at least one trill in each of the parts except for the third trumpet part. The skill level of The Gardner is a little deceptive. It is an easy piece, but it will need some rehearsal time to prepare it correctly. The first trumpet part never goes higher than fourth space E, but it does stay up there for a while. It is probably best performed by a student with a range higher than fourth space E.

Play-Along Video

We also have a You Play First Chair FREE trumpet play-along video for this composition that you can access by clicking on the following button:

Additional information

Appropriate For

Competition, Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style

Call and Response, Classical


2 to 3 minutes

Key Signature

F Concert

Skill Level

2 Trumpet Tyro

Time Signature



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