Lifted Up for Trumpet Trio

This trumpet trio composition elevates the listeners and the performers alike. Lifted Up for Trumpet Trio is an interesting rhythmic piece with cascading melodies.


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Lifted Up

Trumpet Trio Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Lifted Up is an original composition for trumpet trio that I wrote in 2017 to be featured on my digital album called First Trumpet Fruits. The entire album is made up of compositions I wrote in a period of about a year. I did this writing first thing in the morning as a first fruits offering. You can read more about the album at this page on

The piece begins with simply harmonies stated with easy melodies. These harmonies stay consistent throughout the composition, but the melodies become increasingly more ornamental and elaborate. The use of triplets in the runs give the piece its uplifting feel.

Skill Level

Lifted Up for Trumpet Trio is for intermediate to advanced trumpet students. If you are familiar with my skill level system, the piece is rated at the Trumpet Pro level. The top note in the first part is written C above the staff. The other two parts are not as high as that.

The rhythms are probably the most tricky part of the piece. The sixteenth note triplets need a bit of practice to play them cleanly. But they are entirely idiomatic for the trumpet.

Appropriate for…

Lifted up for Trumpet Trio was composed as a performance piece, but it will work wonderfully as an educational piece as well.

It will work on a number of different types of programs. It is a Christian composition, but not overtly so. It will work beautifully in concerts, recitals and church services.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style

Call and Response, Classical


3 to 5 minutes

Key Signature

E Flat Concert

Skill Level

4 Trumpet Apprentice, 5 Trumpet Pro

Time Signature



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