Just as I Am – Trumpet Hymn Duet

Just as I Am is the thirteenth duet in our Trumpet Duet Hymn series. This lovely hymn was written as a fulfillment of a request when we published Be Thou My Vision.


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Just as I Am

Charlotte Elliott, William B. Bradbury
Arr. Eddie Lewis

Here’s another installment to our Trumpet Hymn Duet Series. These are traditional hymns arranged for trumpet duet in a way that makes them 100% appropriate for traditional church services. In these arrangements, I strive to stay true to the original harmonies and the original mood of the hymn. This arrangement of Just as I Am is our thirteenth Trumpet Hymn Duet.

Trumpet duets are nice. Hymns are beautiful. Trumpet Hymn Duets are “nice AND beautiful”. You can use these hymns to praise God as part of a church service or just spend time with a friend playing “nice AND beautiful” duets.

Just as I Am – Skill Level

In our seven level skill system, this arrangement of Just as I Am Trumpet Hymn Duet falls in the third level, the Trumpet Player level. But keep in mind that the piece is supposed to be in a pensive, meditative mood. So even though the notes and rhythms fall in that third level, to have a great performance of the piece requires a bit more than just playing the right notes and rhythms.

I remember writing something very similar about a previous Trumpet Hymn Duet arrangement. To keep the correct feel of the piece requires longer phrases and a LOT of breath control.

In the video, when I get to the end of the piece, I have to exercise a lot of effort to prevent myself from ruining the mood by gasping for breath. By the time I release the last note, my heart is pounding and I’m desperate for a full breath. I only share this with you so you understand what kind of effort it takes to make this piece sound like something more than just notes.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Church – Communion, Church – Prelude, Church Service (General), Good Friday, Thanksgiving

Composition Style

Andante, Hymn


2 to 3 minutes

Key Signature

C Concert, D Concert

Skill Level

3 Trumpet Player

Time Signature



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