Jingle Bells Brass Quartet

This Jingle Bells Brass Quartet arrangement uses double tongued merengue rhythms to spice the old song up and give it a new flavor.



Jingle Bells

Brass Quartet Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis wrote this arrangement for my brass quartet in the late 1980s. It was his intention to create an arrangement that would be as fun for the musicians as it was for the audience. It uses double tongue rhythms borrowed from the merengue style. It’s not a Latin style arrangement, but it does have a different feel from the traditional Jingle Bells arrangements.

Jingle Bells is widely recognized as one of the most popular secular Christmas songs. The song is written by James Lord Pierpont and was originally titled “One Horse Open Sleigh”. This Jingle Bells Brass Quartet takes the traditional song and spices it up a little.

Brass Quartet Instrumentation

  • 2 Trumpets
  • Horn
  • Trombone


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