Four Vignettes for Brass Trio

Four Vignettes for brass trio is a suite of four short movements in the Americana style.


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Four Vignettes Brass Trio Sheet Music PDF

by Eddie Lewis

Four short movements for professional level brass trio, Four Vignettes is a new piece of Americana. The movements are titled:

  1. A Family Portrait
  2. A Mountain Scene
  3. A Bride to Be
  4. The Gunslinger

Looking back at my career as a composer of brass music, Four Vignettes represents the beginning of a new style period for me (yes, even non-famous composers and musicians have style periods). The Four Vignettes were the first brass piece that I composed just to sound beautiful.

I will never forget the look on Dave Kirk’s face when we finished reading it the first time. We were in a room at Rice University where he teaches after a Texas Brass Quintet rehearsal. This was back when both Dave and I were in the band. I asked him and the hornist if they would stay after the rehearsal to read through my new trio. It was these Four Vignettes.

When I finished, I KNEW it was “mission accomplished” because Dave’s face lit up. He had a smile of satisfaction not unlike a smile someone would have after a very satisfying meal.

My compositions have been different since then. More like this Four Vignettes piece and less like the experimental stuff I was writing in the 90’s.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Competition, Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style



5 to 10 Minutes

Key Signature

A Concert, A Flat Concert, B Flat Concert, D Flat Concert, E Concert, F Concert

Skill Level

6 Trumpet Master, 7 Trumpet Virtuoso

Time Signature

12/8, 3/4, cut time


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