Bird March – Beginner Trumpet Solo

Bird March is a beginner trumpet solo with piano accompaniment for trumpet students who have been playing for a few months. It is one of three solos in the Bird Solo Series.



Bird March

Trumpet Solo Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Bird March is the first of three beginner solos I composed for my own students. As a creative man, I do not like to create things that already exist. This is one reason why I haven’t written as many trumpet and piano solos as I have other types of pieces. There are so many very wonderful works for trumpet and piano and I don’t feel as if my contribution to any of that would be meaningful at all. I don’t write music just for its own sake.

The exception is the music for absolute beginners. I have searched for a long time and the music written for beginner trumpet and piano never fits with my skill level system. There is always something that falls outside of what I teach the beginners. Either the range goes too high or the pieces are to long. Sometimes the rhythms are too advanced.

These three beginner trumpet solos, Bird March, Purple Parrot and Feathered Friends fit my teaching system perfectly.

Click on the following button to see all three of the beginner trumpet solos in the Bird Solo Series:

About the Solo

None of my beginner music ever goes higher than C in the staff. The time signature of Bird March is four-four. The key signature isĀ  B flat concert (written C). The rhythmic values are limited to quarter-notes.

This really is a solo that beginners can perform.

And that, by the way, is why we do the solos. I want my beginners to start performing ASAP. They should be able to stand in front of an audience and play a solo withing a few months from when the started playing the trumpet.

The first time Bird March was performed publicly was when one of my fourth grade students performed it for her class assembly.

That’s what it’s all about!

Additional information

Appropriate For

Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert, Talent Show

Composition Style



1 to 2 minutes

Key Signature

B Flat Concert

Skill Level

1 Trumpet Pioneer

Time Signature



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