Hark the Herald Angels Sing for Trumpet Trio

The traditional Christmas carol in a modern setting



Hark the Herald Angels Sing

This is a modern version of the beloved Christmas carol. When I posted the video of this trio online, someone left a comment saying that it sounds like Hindemith. I think that pretty music sums it up. This is a twentieth century arrangement of the classic Christmas carol.

The highest note is an A above the staff, so it’s not difficult in a physical sense. There are some diminished scales and other chromatic material that can be a little tricky with the fingerings. There is also some rhythmic trickiness on the second page that makes the piece very fun to play.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Christmas, Church – Prelude, Mall Concert, Recital, School Concert

Composition Style

Christmas Carol, Fanfare, March, Modern


3 to 5 minutes

Key Signature

B Flat Concert, F Concert

Skill Level

4 Trumpet Apprentice

Time Signature

4/4, 6/4


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