Four Parables for Trumpet Sextet

Four Parables is a trumpet sextet (six trumpets) that Eddie Lewis composed in 2008. This is a college level composition with four movements.


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Four Parables

Trumpet Sextet Sheet Music and PDF
by Eddie Lewis

Four Parables is one of my earlier trumpet ensemble pieces. It started off as an unaccompanied trumpet solo, but was later “orchestrated” for six trumpets.

There are techniques I use in Four Parables that I hadn’t used before. Those techniques have since become part of my trumpet ensemble sound. I don’t use them on every composition, but those techniques have become an important part of my composition style.

Skill Level

The skill level on this trumpet sextet is on the advanced side of intermediate. I see this as a great university level piece. It would work well on recitals or university chamber music concerts.

The range in the first part goes up to a written E sharp above high C. There are sections of the piece the hover around high C for a while.

Additional information

Appropriate For

Competition, Mall Concert, Recital

Composition Style



5 to 10 Minutes

Key Signature

A Concert, A Flat Concert, B Concert, B Flat Concert, E Flat Concert, G Flat Concert

Skill Level

5 Trumpet Pro, 6 Trumpet Master, 7 Trumpet Virtuoso

Time Signature

12/8, 2/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8


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