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Download: Trumpet Major Scale Expansion Exercises


Download: Major Scale Expansion Exercises for Trumpet

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These exercises are designed to help trumpet players learn their major scales for the first time. The following is the introductory and instructional text from inside the book:

Major Scale Expansion

Exercises for Trumpet

Statement of Benefit:

The expansion method is the best and fastest way to learn a new scale. In this book, expansion studies have been written out in all twelve major keys and offer the student a different, more reliable way of learning new scales and keys. The method takes what is easy and expands on that until you learn the complete scale.

The Scale Expansion Story

A lot of band directors give their students grades based on scale tests. My Tonalization Exercises are by far the best method for perfecting scales that I know of, but it takes time to see those benefits. One day in the early 90’s my students approached me with a problem. Not only would they be graded for their scales in the next week, but their chair assignment was also going to be based on that grade. So they asked me what they could do to learn the assigned scales in less than a week.

I taught them the expansion method I had used in the past. As a jazz player, I am constantly learning new scales. And of course I have an organized way to approach learning new scales. The students used what I wrote out for them, practiced the way I explained it to them, and were all three the top three chairs in the band the next week I taught them. It worked so well that it put a clear margin between my students and the rest of the trumpet players in that band.

Since then, I have formalized these exercises and assigned them to any students who find themselves in similar situations I even often use the expansion studies as a worm-up assignment before assigning the more difficult Tonalization Studies.

If you have used my scale expansion studies in the past, these are better. These exercises descend first, before expanding upward. This was a major improvement that not only helped the students warm up to the higher notes, but also made it possible for all students to use the same exercises, regardless of their ranges.


1)       Very important to slur every note.

2)       Repeat each exercise at least ten times for best results.

3)       Breathe as necessary.

4)       Do not practice the exercises that go higher than your current top range.

5)       Important Rule: Only mark fingerings once for each note. After that, force yourself to remember the fingerings for each note. I always tell my students, each time you write a fingering on your part, you delay the day you learn how to read music. Mark it only once, then make yourself remember after that.

6)       If you do them correctly, there is no need to ever do these exercises again. They are not meant to be practiced repeatedly, as in a daily routine or anything like that. They serve only as an introduction to the new scale.


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Download: Trumpet Major Scale Expansion Exercises

Download: Trumpet Major Scale Expansion Exercises

Download: Major Scale Expansion Exercises for Trumpet

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