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Download: Four Vignettes for Brass Trio


Download: Four Vignettes is a brass trio of four movements for trumpet, horn and tuba.

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Four Vignettes is a significant work for Eddie Lewis, because it marks the beginning of a new style period in his writing. Four Vignettes broke new ground, as it is the first composition Lewis wrote while trying to satisfy his urge for simple beauty. Read what Mr. Lewis wrote about the first time the Four Vignettes were rehearsed:

"I remember when I had just finished the trio and took it to a Texas Brass rehearsal in the hopes of getting a reading afterwards. When the rehearsal came to a close, Dave Kirk, Ben Jaber and I sat in a rehearsal room at Rice University and read through the movements. As we progressed through the composition, I first saw Dave smile. This smile meant a lot to me because I could tell he was 'getting it'. I could tell he understood what I was striving for and he liked it. Darryl Bayer stayed in the room while we read through the Vignettes and when the final movement came to an end, judging by the looks on everyone's faces, I knew the composition was a great success!"

The Four Vignettes have been performed by brass ensembles world wide since that day at Rice University.

The style of writing could be labeled as neo-romantic. There is considerable use of chromaticism, but not to a point where the music begins to sound overly modern. The musical themes tend towards more of an Americana flavor.

The first movement, A Family Portrait, is a flowing piece in slow cut time. The opening major key of D Flat gives it something of a somber feel, which gives way to brief happier episodes in A and E. It returns to D Flat to end.

The second movement is titled, A Mountain Scene. Its 12/8 time signature conjures images of rolling foothills. The piece builds gradually to a dramatic climax representing the majestic peaks in the vingette's scene. This is a brilliant, happy movement in the key of F.

The third movement is A Bride to Be, a simple, understated waltz in the key of A Flat. This movement features the beautiful sound of the horn with soaring melodies and happily nostalgic overtones.

The final movement of Four Vignettes is a rough and ready shoot out in true wild west fashion. A Gun Slinger tells the exciting story worthy of any western movie. Images of saloons, fast horses, and six gun shooters dance in your mind as the instruments perform their musical version of a quick draw.


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Download: Four Vignettes for Brass Trio

Download: Four Vignettes for Brass Trio

Download: Four Vignettes is a brass trio of four movements for trumpet, horn and tuba.

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