Daily Routines for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis

Daily Routines for Trumpet

Approved Teachers List

The Daily Routines book is the second oldest and most popular book by Eddie Lewis. There is a growing number of trumpet players who understand the method and are willing to teach you how it works.

Each of the following trumpet teachers has demonstrated an intimate understanding of the Daily Routines method and its applications. Not only will they help you use the method book correctly, but they are also all wonderful players and teachers with many accomplishments to their names. We highly recommend them as teachers.

Rob Alley - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Darryl Bayer - Magnolia, Texas

Leonard Brandt - East London, South Africa

Will Cook - Evanston, Illinois

John Goode - Friendswood/Houston, Texas

Cameron Kubos - Houston, Texas

Mike Middleton - El Paso, Texas

Dick Schaffer - Syracuse, New York

If you are interested in studying with any of these approved teachers, please contact us and we will send you their contact information.