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Binak Pro Valve Oil is different from all other instrument oils on the market. 

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Eddie Lewis is a professional trumpeter and music teacher with more than 25 years of experience - Houston, Texas (

"As a professional trumpet player, I've been using BiNak oils for close to a decade now. My reasons for choosing BiNak were originally equipment related because my valves do indeed work better with BiNak oils than with any other valve oil I've tried. Several years after my first purchase, when I finally ran out of my first bottles of BiNak, I went with what was more convenient and started using traditional oils again. This is when I learned just how much I value BiNak. I have had allergies all of my life. I didn't realize how much BiNak oils were helping me to keep those allergy attacks to a minimum until I went back to petroleum based oils. Breathing those fumes from the petroleum based oils for several hours each day brought back the frequent allergy attacks and I knew that it was time to switch back to BiNak." Eddie Lewis

Which is right for your instrument, Binak Pro or Binak 495?

That depends on how new your instrument is and/or how tight the valves are. Binak Pro was designed for new instruments with tight vavles. Binak 495 is better suited for old used instruments.

Product Information:

BiNak PRO is the newest product to join the BiNaK Instrument Oil line.  Like the well-known BiNaK 495BiNaK PRO has all the same qualities of the BiNaK oils, but is slightly lighter in viscosity.  It is available in conveniently sized 2 fluid OZ bottles.

  • Pour-Point Depressant for cold weather use.
  • Does not contain silicones.
  • Has "metal protectors" for the delicate brass and silver interiors.
  • Protects against the harmful effects of moisture.
  • Is classified as holistic - contains no carcinogens or mutagens.
  • Has a Material Safety Data Sheet on file.
  • Low evaporation rate - lubrication lasts far longer than previous oils.
  • Can be used on all parts of an instrument: valves, slides, rotors, and keys.

BiNaK PRO is a "Revolutionary" NEW light, musical instrument oil with a superior lubrication capability over previous valve, slide, key, and rotor oils.  Test sites have stated that they had to lubricate their instruments less often.  BiNaK PRO can be used in all areas of musical instrument lubrication, thereby eliminating the need for additional costly products. 


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Binak Pro Valve Oil is different from all other instrument oils on the market. 

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