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Octave Tonalization Studies

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Trumpet Player Octave Tonalization Supplement

Here is a collection of 48 octave studies (four for each key) arranged to be used as a supplement to the Tonalization Studies. As a Trumpet Player leveled exercise, its range extends to the G at the top of the staff.

The following is the text from inside the book:

Octave Tonalization Trumpet Player Level

A supplement to the standard tonalization exercises.

Doubly Beneficial Exercises

There are benefits to practicing Tonalization studies and there are benefits to practicing octave intervals. Adding these Octave Tonalization studies to your daily routine will give you the best of both types of exercises.

To read about the benefitsof practicing my Tonalization Studies, I invite you to read a blog post I wrote specifically for that purpose:

The main benefits of adding the octave studies include:

1) Pitch (note) Recognition

2) Finger Technique

3) Intonation

4) Tone

5) Range

6) Endurance

7) Sight Reading

8) Improvisation

9) Phrasing

10) Flexibility

For Best Results

To gain the greatest benefits from practicing these exercises, they should be done as part of a Physical Trumpet Pyramid structured routine. Add the octave intervals found in this  eBook to the Tonalization Studies you are already doing as part of your P.T.P. routine.

If you have never practiced octave intervals before, it is a good idea to start off playing the intervals separately the first time through. To introduce yourself to the octaves, slur the first pair, breathe, slur the second pair, breathe, and so on. In this introductory stage, feel free to drill specific octaves that you have more trouble with.

In this introductory phase of using these octave studies, technically you are not using them as Tonalization Studies. The rules for how to practice Tonalization Studies specifically say to NOT  drill sections of the exercises to fix mistakes. With these octave intervals we are making an exception. I want you to be able to spend time becoming more intimate with the octave before you use it as part of your daily routine.

Scalable Physical Trumpet Pyramid Routines

If you are new to my materials, you may not know what a Physical Trumpet Pyramid routine is. You can use our exercises any way you like, and of course many people do. But we feel that the best results are always derived from practicing our materials as part of the overall system of exercises.
One of the best aspects of that system is that it is scalable. When I invented this system, in the late 1980’s, it was my intention to create an approach to teaching trumpet that exposed all students to the same benefits that prose experienced practicing traditional exercises. To make this work, I scaled all of the exercises to match the levels of the different students I was teaching at that time.This later became the seven different levels (actually eight levels if you include what we cal lthe “Trumpet Hopeful” level). These levels are organizedas follows:

0) Trumpet Hopeful – (very weak beginners who can barely play in the staff)

1) Trumpet Pioneer – (beginners with a range up to third space C)

2) Trumpet Tyro – (beginners with a range up to fourth space E)

3) Trumpet Player – (an intermediate player with range up to G above the staff)

4) Trumpet Apprentice –(an advanced intermediate player with range upto B flat abovethe staff)

5) Trumpet Pro– (an advanced player with range up to high C)

6) Trumpet Master – (an advanced player with range upto E above high C)

7) Trumpet Virtuoso – (a virtuosic player with range upto G above high C)

This approach to learning how to play trumpet is one comprehensive system that covers all levels, from absolute beginners to the best, most virtuosic players in the world. Everyone benefits from this system.

That said, other versions of these exercises are either already available or will be available soon. If the range for these exercises is too low or two high, please consider trying one of the other levels.


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Module: Octave Tonalization Studies

Module: Octave Tonalization Studies

Module: Trumpet Player

Octave Tonalization Studies

In every key...

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