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Trumpet Tyro Arpeggio Etudes


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Trumpet Tyro Arpeggio Etudes

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Trumpet Tyro?

Trumpet Tyro is a skill level somewhere between absolute beginner and intermediate. Trumpet Tyro studies utilize a range up to fourth space E and is limited to keys of three flats and three sharps. For more information about the different ELM levels, please click HERE.

The following is the text from inside the PDF file:

Arpeggio Etudes

Trumpet Tyro Level

The following etudes are meant to be the hardest prep etudes you will practice at the Trumpet Tyro level. After learning these etudes, you should be prepaired to work on and pass off the final etudes of this level, what we call the Integration Etudes.

Arpeggio etudes are a little more difficult than most other etudes because of the unreturned intervals. When a melody jumps from G to C, we usually expect it to turn back on itself and go to a note between the two. This is a natural tendency in melodies. But arpeggio etudes don't always do that. After leaping from G to C, it's common to follow the arpeggio and now go to an E or and E flat.

That's why the Arpeggio Etudes are the last leg of your journey as a Trumpet Tyro. When you finish these etudes, all you have left are the Integration Etudes which serve as your final exam for passing off the Tyro Level and graduating to the Trumpet Player level.


  • It is best to wait to practice these etudes until you have completed all of the other series at the Trumpet Tyro level.

  • The most important prerequesites are the Tyro Arpeggio Exercises and the Tryo Harmonic Studies. You should have been practicing these exercises for at least a few months before attempting to learn the etudes in this series.


  • Use working backwards to learn each etude. This is especially important on the more difficult etudes toward the end of the series.

  • Pay attention to the stylistic demands of the etudes. Do not only play the notes and rhythms.

  • Be sure to include all dynamics from when you first begin practicing the etudes.

  • Mordents, grace notes and trills should be included from when you first begin practicing. Do not try to "add them later."


When you have completed these etudes and your teacher has passed them off, then it is time to work on the Integration Etudes. The Integration Etudes take everything you've learned at this level and uses it in a musical context. They should be very challanging, but also very rewarding at the same time.


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Trumpet Tyro Arpeggio Etudes

Trumpet Tyro Arpeggio Etudes

Digital Download

Trumpet Tyro Arpeggio Etudes

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