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Module: Modified Clarke Articulation Study


Module: Modified Clarke Articulation Study

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Practice Notes by Eddie Lewis:

I was first introduced to the “Characteristic Studies” by Herbert L. Clarke during my sophomore year in high school (1979). My trumpet teacher at the time was Kenneth Capshaw and he used this book with all of his students. In the beginning of the book there are a few pages of articulation rudiments for single and multiple tonguing. I have been practicing the tongue/slur patterns on page seven since the day Mr. Capshaw first assigned them.

I believe that these tongue/slur patterns were originally designed to be used to help younger trumpet students to learn how to coordinate their tongue and fingers. The sequence of these tongue/slur patterns progresses in a way that introduces gradually more complicated patterns as the student progresses.

The original exercises work for that purpose. However, I have recently come to the conclusion that this particular order of patterns is not as well suited as a daily rudiment. For that reason, I have reordered the tongue/slur patterns in an effort to make them better conform to the concept of the Physical Trumpet Pyramid. Now the focus of the studies is no longer coordination. The focus of these modified exercises is air flow. This new order of tongue/slur combinations serves to gradually introduce the tongue to the air in a way which encourages constant and consistent air support behind each articulation.

Used as a daily rudiment, this modified version the study not only helps solve certain articulation problems but also wards off other problems before they have a chance effect your playing.


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Module: Modified Clarke Articulation Study

Module: Modified Clarke Articulation Study

Module: Modified Clarke Articulation Study

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