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Module: Trumpet Pioneer Tonalization

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Download: Trumpet Pioneer
Tonalization Studies

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Warning! This is a downloadable product, not a physical book.

Trumpet Pioneer Tonalization Studies - e-book Version

240 comprehensive scale exercises in all twelve major keys. These exercises were specifically designed for trumpet players with a functional range up to tuning note C.

The following is text from within the e-book:

Major Tonalization Studies

Trumpet Pioneer Level

Very Important Note:
The ELM module system does NOT require Trumpet Pioneer (absolute beginner) students to practice the Tonalization Studies in every key. For that reason, this book is not meant for the average beginning trumpet student. If you are a Trumpet Pioneer, the Tonalization set you should start with is titled “Introductory Tonalization Studies” and is also available at under the ELM Module category.

Limited Range – Unlimited Practicing

Even though this eBook is listed in the Trumpet Pioneer category, it is intended for more advanced trumpeters. Resting is paramount to physical growth on the trumpet. Just as a body builder will load a muscle one day and rest that muscle the next, we as trumpet players need to work hard and get tired one day and rest the next.

The problem with resting is that we typically cannot afford to take days off from practicing. The less we practice, the slower we progress.

To implement a resting rotation in a busy trumpeter's schedule without sacrificing entire days of progress, I teach my students to use range limits on their off days. This book of Tonalization Studies gives more advanced trumpet students a way to rest their embouchures while still practicing the exercises every day.

You can read more about resting and range limits in my very first book titled “The Physical Trumpet Pyramid” which is also available at our online store:

For the Ambitious Beginner

When a beginner student is more enthusiastic than normal, it is okay for that student to tackle the exercises in this book. I would much rather they push ahead this way than to attempt to practice materials that do not have these same range limits.

I believe in long, slow range development. Ambitious students are better off investing their efforts in ways that do not risk the natural development of their embouchures.

Personally, for my ambitious students, I believe in giving them as much technical (as opposed to physical) and musical materials as they can digest. This is one of the greatest benefits of using the ELM Module system. We can feed the students as much material as they can digest, but do it without pushing them beyond their physical limits.

Tonalization Benefits

Tonalization Studies are a new way of practicing scales which offer far greater benefits than just learning the traditional "Do Re Mi" styled scales. Traditional scales are nothing more than an outline of the key. In contrast, Tonalization Studies develop the musician's ability to think in all twelve keys. Because of this new approach, Tonalization Studies help the trumpet student with:

  • Range
  • Intonation
  • Tone
  • Finger Technique
  • Endurance
  • Sight Reading
  • Improvisation

For a more conclusive explination of the benefits of practicing the Tonalization Studies, feel free to read Eddie Lewis' blog post titled: What Are Tonalization Studies?


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Module: Trumpet Pioneer Tonalization

Module: Trumpet Pioneer Tonalization

Download: Trumpet Pioneer
Tonalization Studies