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Module: Introductory Tonalization Studies


Module: Introductory Tonalization Studies

Trumpet Pioneer Level

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Introductory Tonalization Studies

Trumpet Pioneer Level

This is a collection of twelve scale exercises for beginning trumpet players. The range for these exercises spans from low F sharp to C in the staff. It is a perfect introduction to the Tonalization Study concept.

The following is the text from within the module:

Introductory Tonalization Studies

Three Keys for Trumpet Pioneer Students

Before You Begin

The Tonalization Studies are scale exercises, but they are not intended to teach you how to play the scales. We have other exercises for that. So before you begin practicing these exercises, we encourage you to do the Major Scale Expansion Studies available at

We believe that Scale Expansion Studies are the very best way to learn a new scale. If you don’t know the C (B flat concert), F (E flat concert) and G (F concert) scales, then it is best to begin with those exercises. There are two versions of the expansion studies at Tiger Music. One has all twelve of the major scales with a smaller, more professional font size. The other only include the three Trumpet Pioneer keys, C, F and G. The Trumpet Pioneer version of the Expansion Studies also has a bigger, making them just a little easier for beginning players to read.

Why Tonalization Studies

If the Tonalization Exercises are meant to be practiced after you already know the scales, why do we have to practice them?

Easy answer: The Tonalization Studies utilize the same building blocks as the music you will be playing. These exercises prepare you most building block combinations. It does this by helping you think in the key instead of playing everything note by note.

There is a lot more to it than just this. There are so many benefits to practicing tonalization studies that it would be impractical to list them all here.


We have added text instructions to the following music pages, but here are the basic guidelines for practicing the Tonalization Studies.

1)     Most Important Rule: Only practice them in one key per day.

2)     Practice these exercises as part of a daily routine or warmup.

3)     Practice them slowly and comfortably.

4)     Go as far as you can in one breath, then when you need to breathe, stop and take a comfortable breath before continuing. No rush, no hurry. Relax and be accurate.

5)     If you make a mistake, do not start over. Instead, go back one measure, slow down and try it again from there.

6)     Never stop playing the exercise just because you don’t like the way you sound. Stopping will not help you sound better.

7)     Rest between each exercise.

What’s Next?

After you can play these exercises well, continue practicing them until you graduate to the Trumpet Tyro level. At that time, you should begin practicing the Trumpet Tyro Tonalization Studies.

If you feel these exercises are too easy for you, but you haven’t graduated to the Tyro level yet, you may consider buying the full version of the Trumpet Pioneer Tonalization Studies and working from them instead. You are currently reading the introductory version of the Tonalization Studies. The full version includes twenty different Tonalization Study exercises in all twelve keys. That’s a total of 480 exercises. That should keep you busy for a while. Just remember to do the Major Scale Expansion Studies for each key before you begin.

You should be practicing the Tonalization Studies on a regular basis for as long as you play the trumpet. This is the beginning of a life-long pursuit. But don’t fret. It gets more interesting as you progress. There are many scales and many different building block patterns to use on them, so don’t let the name full you. It’s not just one set of exercises. What you have here are the first pages of literally tens of thousands of pages of exercises. Like I said, it’s a life-long pursuit.


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Module: Introductory Tonalization Studies

Module: Introductory Tonalization Studies

Module: Introductory Tonalization Studies

Trumpet Pioneer Level

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