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Module: Pioneer Articulation Studies


Module: Trumpet Pioneer Articulation Studies
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Trumpet Pioneer Articulation

Full Length Exercises

Daily Routines Group 1 – Trumpet Pioneer

These articulation studies are mainly intended as supplements to be used with the Daily Routines for Trumpet book. That book was written in the early 90’s and has always been our most popular book. Thousands of trumpet players around the world have used Daily Routines for Trumpet to help them become better trumpet players.

For that reason, we have chosen to leave the book as it is. You do not tamper with success. New editions of the book will only have fixed mistakes that were never caught in previous editions.

Tweaking the Method

Just because we have chosen to leave the book alone does not mean that the method has not improved over the past twenty-five years of use. As a teacher, I have made several very important adjustments in the way I practice the routines and the way I teach them to my students. One of the most significant “tweaks” has been the structure of the articulation studies.

The old articulation studies work. If they didn’t work, we would not have decided to leave them alone. But the new studies work even better. They are based on the expansion concept that has become so important to my teaching over the past two decades. The expansion concept is  something of a “foot in the door” approach that begins with what is easiest and progresses towards what is most difficult.

These articulation studies use this expansion structure in two different ways. The most obvious is in the range of the exercises. As you progress, the studies expand to fill your full range. The old studies do not do this.

Secondly, the new exercises use a different order of articulation patterns. The old patterns come straight from the Herbert L. Clarke Characteristic Studies and make sense if you are only now learning to tongue those patterns. But when used as a daily rudiment, they are not setup in the best order. 

For the sake of making the exercises conform better to the Physical Trumpet Pyramid structure, I reordered the sequence of the exercises, beginning with mostly slurred notes and progressing to all tongued. When you finish the new articulation exercises, you are tonguing across your entire range. So, as you can see, this is a very important tweak for the routine.


1. Prerequisite: This is not a range exercise. It is part of a daily rudimentary routine for trumpet players
with ranges up to the third space C.

2. It’s very important to rest between the exercises. Ideally you should rest the same number of beats or
measures as you played for the previous exercise.

3. To follow the Physical Trumpet Pyramid Structure, articulation exercises should be done between your
lip slurs and your interval studies.

4. Unless you are a trumpet player who only desires to play in one style, practice these exercises without
style. Play them as mechanically as possible with no vibrato, no fancy lifts on the short notes and no
melodic phrasing.


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Module: Pioneer Articulation Studies

Module: Pioneer Articulation Studies

Module: Trumpet Pioneer Articulation Studies
Full Length Version

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