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Module: Pioneer Lipslurs - Alternative


Module: Pioneer Alternative Lip Slurs

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Trumpet Pioneer Lip Slurs

This is a collection of 12 lip slur exercises for beginner trumpet or cornet players. The following is the text included in the PDF file:

Trumpet Pioneer – Alternative Lip Slurs

All of the lip slurs in this package are specifically designed for the Trumpet Pioneer level of the ELM system. That means the range has been limited to C in the staff, which becomes valuable regardless of your reasons for limiting range.

Limiting Range

There are several reasons why a trumpet player may want to limit the range of his or her practice session. The most obvious reason is because the student hasn’t developed a higher range yet, but other reasons exist as well.

Sometimes trumpet players need to rest our lips. Range limited exercises give us an opportunity to “rest” without taking a day off. The lower range requires less effort and the lips feel energized after practicing instead of feeling fatigued.

Range limited exercises also help you stay in shape if you are recovering from an injury, and regardless of your reasons for taking time off from the trumpet, these exercises help you make a more gradual “come back.”

Lip Slurs to Fit Your Time Needs

There are three sets of lip slurs in this package. The first is a set of full length exercises for the Pioneer Level. The second is a medium length set and the third is our shortest set. Use the appropriate exercises for your personal time needs.

Change of Pace

For us trumpeters who do a regular daily routine, sometimes it’s nice to change things up a little bit. The exercises in this package offer you an opportunity to do that with your lip slurs.

Lip Slurs à la carte

The lip slurs in this package were specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Eddie Lewis’ Daily Routines or Chops Express books. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing them outside of that context. People have been using the Daily Routines exercises out of context since the book was first written.

That said, if you are unfamiliar with the Daily Routines book and how it works, we strongly encourage you to give it a try. The benefit of practicing these exercises is maximized when done as part of the Physical Trumpet Pyramid (the structural design Daily Routines and Chops Express are based on).


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Module: Pioneer Lipslurs - Alternative

Module: Pioneer Lipslurs - Alternative

Module: Pioneer Alternative Lip Slurs

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